Hi! 👋 I’m Tat
a human prototype of AI designer 2035

And I am ultra passionate about designing and building AI powered tools.

In 2017 I was invited to the core team of Sawa startup – the world's first AI graphic design tool to lead the mission of automating human design decisions. Being a pretty experienced full-stack designer and having a specific algorithmical mindset, as well as being forever hungry to learn and totally passionate about new technologies, I shortly realized that I was born for this work!

As a result of the Techstars, in 2018 Sawa was acquired by Mailchimp. And after a streamlined integration became the Creative Assistant. My 4 years journey at Mailchimp in a role of design automation lead, was full of great cross integrated features of different scale:

- Brand scraping service
- Design engine
- Instant resizing
- Brand Kit
- Brand Personality
- Smart templates
- Apply my brand API
- Text generation
- Smart Tools suit
- Add-on moments
The choice of tool: Figma, MIRO, Webflow, Notion, Midjourney, GPT, Jira,